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Coolest Transformer Bumblebee Birthday Cake

I made this Transformer Bumblebee cake for my grandson Brian’s ninth birthday. I wasn’t sure about this one, but using an online picture of the Animated Bumblebee, I drew a template of Bumblebee’s head on wax paper and cut it out.

One cake mix in a 9″ x 13″ pan was the right amount and size. I prepared the cake and froze it, making it easier to work with. I cut the cake out, using the template as a guide, but added the ears using the extra pieces.

On the reverse side of the wax paper, I drew the lines of the face with icing and turned it over onto the cake. This gave me clear guidelines for the facial features and I simply went over them with the appropriate colors. I outlined the picture, with a star tip #4, in the required colors.

It came out great and we added a sign with the greeting “Happy Birthday” .

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  1. Elaine, love your cake and I believe I’m going to try and make it. Where did you get your template from, did you keep mixing colors until you got the right shade or are they set colors. Thanks,

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