I made this unicorn carousel cake for my stepdaughter’s 12th birthday. She loves unicorns and I found a silicon mold of a unicorn carousel figure to use.

Steps for Making the Unicorn Carousel Cake

  • The bottom is a two layer 9 inch chocolate cake with peanut butter filling (her favorite, and mine), iced with homemade buttercream.
  • I made chocolates from a couple different molds to decorate with, including a unicorn (the blue ones).
  • I used an 8 inch pan and a glass bowl from a mixer for the bottom and middle of the top section.
  • For the very top, I took the leftover cake pieces after I leveled the other parts and added some icing and formed it into the shape I wanted – basically it’s like a huge cake pop.
  • I made a basic flag from fondant and put it on a toothpick to add to the peak.
  • I used the the silicon mold to make four fondant unicorns that I attached to candy sticks. In theory I was going to use royal icing to attach them, but I ran out of time so I just used fondant – I wrapped it around the middle of the stick and dabbed it with water so it would stick to the candy stick and then used more water to “glue” the unicorn on. Only two of them stayed attached, but it kind of just looked like some unicorns were down like they would look on an actual merry go round going up and down.
  • The green ribbon looking decorations are Twizzlers grass (green apple flavor) that they conveniently have for sale right now since it’s almost Easter.
  • To hold the top part I got the big plastic hollow dowel things that Wilton makes and cut them down to the size of the candy sticks. Getting it to sit flat was the hardest part, especially because one of the sticks broke and I had to try to glue it back together with fondant. It still was a little lopsided, but that’s why cakes have a front – for the best photo ops!
  • I put the whole thing on a glass turntable so it could turn. After she blew the candles out my stepdaughter examined it closely for a few minutes and then said “wait, did you make this?!” That was a nice compliment. :-)

This cake was definitely a challenging project. My final comment was that I hope she likes it, but that no one else does because I don’t want to have to make another one for anyone else! Too bad my four year old daughter just requested a Frozen version.