This was a unicorn cake I made for a cake competition. I included pictures of her before I dusted her with the luster dust I made, as well as pictures of her after.

Unicorn Cake Instructions

  • I built the plastic stand to draw the horse out (notice full size drawing and then body board template). I built the cake stand as you can see.
  • I added in copper false legs to give her movement.
  • I then started building her with Rice Krispie treats as well as building up the legs with chocolate molding clay until I had the thickness I needed.
  • Next, I covered the unicorn with chocolate modeling clay and then with fondant.
  • Her tail and mane were extruded 2 strands at a time.
  • I hand cut fur cuts into each piece and then attached the mane and the tail. You can see that work best on the rear view picture.
  • I then covered her eyes and airbrushed her with pearl to blend low lights and give her a mystical look.

Hope you see the magic!