Coolest Upsy Daisy Birthday Cake

My daughter turned 2 and loves In the Night Garden. I had to make an Upsy Daisy Birthday Cake.

I baked two round cakes. The one I used for her face and the second I used for her hair. I had to cut out each strand of individually.

I took the picture from a colouring in picture I got off the internet and then re-sized it.

I then iced the face and each strand of hair in buttercream icing. I then made the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth out of fondant which I coloured. She got the In the Night Garden playdoh set which has the moulds for all the characters. I then used this to make the Makka Pakka and Iggle Piggle which are on the board. I make the figures out of fondant too.

She was very impressed as was everyone else. This was the cake for the party, I also made another one for her actual birthday.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Upsy Daisy Birthday Cake”

  1. Hiya,

    Your cake gave me the inspiration to do one like yours and it turned out really well!! I’m putting up a picture of it on the website.

  2. Love the cake it’s brilliant… Will try this for my little one’s 2nd birthday, but I think I’ll do a practice run this weekend. I don’t think I’ll attempt the body – the head will be tricky enough for me…

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I did a search looking for a cake just like this to make and will be giving it a go in September. Now I want to find the playdoh set LOL. Many thanks for posting this cake Donna


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