Coolest Makka Pakka Birthday Cake

My daughter’s favourite In the Night Garden Character is Makka Pakka. Therefore for her 2nd birthday I decided to attempt to create a Makka Pakka birthday cake.

First of all I drew a rough sketch of what I wanted it to look like. I decided I would need two square cakes (approx 20cm tins). From there I worked out how to cut the cakes to make Makka Pakka. I cut out the body from one cake and the head, legs and arms from the other cake. The cakes were a basic sand cake recipe doubled.

The icing I used was ready made icing in white and chocolate. To make the right colour for the most part of the cake I mixed together a portion of the chocolate icing with the white icing, rolled it out and then put it over the cake cutting off the excess.

For the nodules on his head I added more of the chocolate icing to the white icing as required per darkness. I then rolled each colour into a ball and flattened slightly and them together using a toothpick which was also slightly pushed into his head.

I did much the same for the eyes, nose and mouth, moulding them to the best shape possible. I rolled the chocolate icing into thin sausage like lengths and placed around the base of the cake to stop the cake from drying out (it was now sealed all around).

Holding the no 2 candle is Makka Pakka’s sponge. This was made from adding red colouring to a portion of white icing and green colouring to a portion of white icing. After the colours were mixed in well I joined the two coloured pieces together and mixed them so that they made a marble effect. Then I rolled this icing into a ball, put it on the board and placed the candle into it, hence the sponge shape.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Makka Pakka Birthday Cake”

  1. Hi there

    I think your Makka Pakka cake is just so clever, my little sister Lilli loves in the night garden specially Makka Pakka.

    If i give you my email could you give me the recipe in the email, because its her birthday next week on the 29th of Oct 2009 if you send me this recipe then that would be so grateful.

    Many thanks

  2. I have just been looking at how to make a Makka Pakka cake so I Googled images and yours came first. I was previously looking for a correct colour match in food dyes etc then I saw you had mixed chocolate and white fondant icing and thought this was a fab idea! I am so going to attempt this cake myself, you have made it seem so easy (well we will see lol)
    Its a fab cake and I hope your daughter enjoyed it. Mine is for my 2 year old son next month! Perhaps I need to make a test run in case it doesn’t turn out lol. Claire

  3. Much like Georgia, was looking for a Makka Pakka birthday cake to make for my grandson’s 1st birthday and yours was the first one! Thankyou for the tips and will look for a sand cake recipe and give it a try!


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