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Coolest Valentine Cake Design

This is a Valentine Cake Design I did for my 5 year old son. I had seen this done in a magazine years ago so I did my best to re-create it. They had actually baked the cake in a round cake pan and cut to shape the heart but I had a small 6in heart cake pan I used instead.

I used a box cake mix and had enough batter for 3 cakes so I made 3. I used can icing and decided at the last minute to make the middle one red (for my husband), the one on the right pink (for myself), and the one on the left half pink/half red to signify our son together. I used store bought white fondant for arms/legs/face etc. I used m&m’s for the eyes and a food coloring marker to color the tenny shoes.

I put all the cakes on a wooden board covered with black wrapping paper so they’d stand out and I cut out the letters to glue at top of board. This was set out on Valentine’s morning for my son & husband to find along with their cards/presents. My son Loved it!

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