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Coolest Valentine Puppy Cake Design

I began making decorated cakes for my daughter’s class in grade primary for each holiday. It has now become something that is looked forward by all and I really enjoy planning for the next upcoming holiday. I made this Valentine Puppy Cake Design for my daughter’s first grade Valentine party.

I used a Wilton puppy cake pan. Cooked a box mix the night before, to allow it to cool completely. Took about an hour in total. I outlined in red with a #3 top, filled in red areas with #16. Then the black with a #3, lastly filled in white with a #16. The dog collar was little red candy hearts and the dog tag, I traced a heart with red #3 tip and filled with white; sprinkled colored sugar and wrote in hugs. The sides were white and I used #16 to make white trim at the cake bottom.

It was a huge hit with students and staff. Now to plan for St Patricks day!

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