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Coolest Valentine Cup Cakes

I made these Valentine cup cakes for my boyfriend this weekend for Valentine’s day. I think the sweethearts candy are really cute so I decided to make these.

A few days before I made the cakes I rolled out and coloured fondant (the pastels of Necco sweethearts) then used a cookie cutter to cut out the hearts

Then I used cherry coloured royal icing to write the words. Because my boyfriend and I aren’t very lovey dovey I made up my own phrases, most of them are personal jokes between us. So you can write your own special phrases. I then left them in the fridge for a couple of days to harden.

Make some thin brownies (careful not to over cook) and another thin layer of moist chocolate cake. Then use the cookie cutter to make the heart shapes. Use chocolate butter cream, stick the brownie layer on top of the cake layer and cover the whole thing in butter cream.

I froze them, then with very clean hands and a tiny amount of warm water to smooth the icing with the tip of my finger put the heart fondant on the top.

I think they turned out great, hopefully my boyfriend will like them.

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