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Coolest Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake

I got the idea of doing the cupcakes and the head of this Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Cake separately from a cool website like this.

I used my photocopier to blow up the picture of his head (from our book) to the right size and used that to make the right shaped head.

The eyes are made out of white chocolate which has been coloured yellow and green and the nose and feet were just milk chocolate. I found a store near where we live that sold red orchid icing (also called fondant) already in the rich Xmas red colour so I saved myself hours of work that way, trying to get a true red is so hard.

The antennas were 2 bamboo skewers with the red icing and a little blue colouring added to try to get purple. I bought the cake toppers and the paper table cloths from the UK (online), they are legitimate Hungry caterpillar products.



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