Coolest Volcano Cake

I was planning a ‘Star Wars’ party for my son’s 7th birthday, and was scratching my head for an easy, yet attractive idea for a cake. I saw a picture of a Mustafar Volcano toy, and realized that it would be easy to build a cake to resemble the volcano.

My dearest Mom volunteered for the task, and in my opinion she created a gorgeous Mustafar Volcano Cake!

She did it the following way:

1. Stacked two round cakes and covered it with chocolate icing/frosting.

2. She then took two Swiss rolls (have no idea what that is called in the USA but its oblong, rolled cake) and attached the one upright on top of the based formed by the stacked round cakes.

3. The other Swiss roll was cut into a 1/3 and a 2/3 part (i.e. the two pieces were not equally long)

4. She then stacked both next to the other swiss roll to create an cascading/terraced effect.

5. Covered the three Swiss roll stacks with chocolate icing/frosting.

6. Covered the entire creation with Cadbury’s Flakes.

7. Lathered some orange coloured icing/frosting to resemble the burning lava.

8. Added the fighting Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin.

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