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Coolest T-Rex Dinosaur Cake

My best friend’s son’s birthday is a month after my 5 year old’s birthday. This year he wanted a T-Rex cake and they asked me to make it. So, of course I couldn’t object. I told them to google T-Rex cakes and show me what they were thinking. Little did I know this bright little boy would pick out a 3-d stand up version of a TRex.

So, after a long debate with him, his mother and I convinced him to a T Rex with other Dino’s on his cake and to let me have some creative room to build. This Homemade T-Rex Dinosaur Cake was sooo much fun!.

First, I Googled T Rex cakes and fell in love with a youtube video. It was of a T Rex popping out of his cave and ROARINGGGGGG. And after a lot of searching I found a motion activated T Rex (same one ) off Amazon for $16 (which I considered his birthday present from us).

Then I made my 4 cakes. I thought at first I’d make them a double layer cake and add a little volcano on the side with this little T Rex popping out to do his thing, but then my husband had another notion:

“Wouldn’t it be cooler if the Volcano could erupt?!”

So off to my research on Google again. To Google if I could make a cake volcano erupt and still be edible. After finding some article and you tube video’s it was back to the baking board I go.

So I redesigned the cake while baking it. Now it would be a huge Volcano, with a Dino popping out of the cave of it roaring….. and as it was roaring- the volcano is erupting (OK smoking.. my search didn’t find anything I could make red lava spew out of it).

Next to the huge volcano and T Rex in a cave I decided to have cascading water falls to give it a tropic feeling (or prehistoric feeling if you will) and buttercreamed a lot of big leaves to give it that same look on the side of the cake. After I was finished I think I had used 14lbs of sugar a dozen eggs and a ton of melted chocolate chips.

The Volcano was complete rice crispy treats. covered in the chocolate (actually that gave it a nice effect). There is a freezable plastic cup on the inside of it where you place a small piece of dry ice and then sprinkle some water on it to give it a smoking effect ( PLEASE READ THE DRY ICE DIRECTIONS BEFORE HANDLING IT).

Then I made rice crispy balls (covered in chocolate) to make the outer part of the cave and to hover over the Dino. After which I took gray buttercream and mixed red and orange buttercream into 2 tubes to give the volcano an erupting effect.

I had a lot of fun making this Homemade T-Rex Dinosaur Cake.

Homemade T-Rex Dinosaur Cake

Homemade T-Rex Dinosaur Cake

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