I started making cakes around five years ago. When my niece found out she was having a boy and wanted a Winnie the Pooh on the cake, I couldn’t help myself. The idea came to add both the basket cake idea with the characters for his room. At the last minute I added in the bib with his name as a personal touch.

The cake itself was red velvet and butter cream.  I used fondant ropes and made the handles with chocolate. The characters were made out of fondant and detailed with paint and lemon extract. The hardest part of it all was figuring out where to place everyone and everything once I was finished. I am partial to Eeyore so I made sure he was front and center  (it nearly broke my heart when the dad to be bit off his head, lol), but everything was worth it. I don’t think there is anything better than seeing the amazing looks and thank you’s of the parents to be!