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Coolest Homemade Eeyore Birthday Cake Design

I got my inspiration for this Eeyore Birthday Cake Design from K Walters, thank you so much! I have twin boys and one loves Eeyore and one loves Pooh. Pooh cake pans are available, but not Eeyore.

I made my cake with chocolate box cake mix. I made 1 cake mix in a 13×9 pan and 1 cake mix in 2 round cake pans. I found a template of Eeyore’s head online (Google search it and select “images”) then I saved the image and opened it in a photo program. I was able to print a template.

I sliced each cake horizontally down the middle so I could frost it (you can never have too much frosting!). For the center layer and the crumb layer, I used chocolate canned frosting. (add powdered sugar to canned frosting and it will stiffen up just like homemade buttercream).

Frosting this cake was tricky and time consuming. I had to frost Eeyore’s head first then add one ear at a time. Once the crumb coating stiffened up on the, I frosted the pink on the inside of each ear (I used Wilton tip #16 for everything except the piping) BEFORE placing it on the board next to his head. Once in place, I filled in any cracks with blue frosting.

The blue and pink frosting were just canned white frosting (with powdered sugar added) tinted with Wilton color gels. For his mane, I just used the Wilton black frosting (you can buy it in a tube) with a slanted tip. Just pull up with the tip right at the end and let it fall down like a messy mane.

The cake was a big hit and delicious too!


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  1. Hey thanks fro the recipe, will try for my 13th birthday because i love eeyore soo much, which i know is unusual for my age but oh well! Thanks should i use food colouring for the different colours? Thanks! From Eeyore-lover!!

    I wish there were ore Eeyore cake tins around, but this idea is really cute!


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