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Coolest Wow Wow Wubbzy Birthday Cake

This Wow Wow Wubbzy Birthday Cake was a fun cake to make. I was a little nervous about it at first because it involved melted chocolate and templates, but it was actually pretty easy.

I received the instructions for this cake from the NickJr. website. They provide step by step instructions and templates for the arms, legs and tail.

The first step is to to make the chocolate arms, legs and tail. I would suggest doing this a day ahead to allow them chocolate to set. But I’m sure you can do this all in one day if you want. I bought yellow colored chocolate wafers at the craft store and melted them down in a double boiler. Then I cut out the templates, taped them to the bottom of a sheet pan, then taped wax paper on top. Let the chocolate cool a little so you can use a piping bag. Then all you do is fill in the template with the yellow chocolate. Put them in the refrigerator and let them set.

The cake is made in a 7×11 inch brownie pan. But I think you can use a 9×13 pan as well if you want.

Cut out the ears, two small humps. Then frost the cake in yellow frosting. Use additional chocolate frosting to pipe on the face and outline the edges of the cake.

Take the chocolate out of the fridge and push the arms and tail in the sides, and the legs in the bottom of the cake, then outline the edges with the remaining chocolate frosting.

The finishing touch is to place M&M’s on the top of the plate or cake board in a fun confetti design. I used extra frosting to glue them down so they stayed put when I transported the cake.

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  1. Your cake looks great! I, too, was wondering how hard the NickJr cake would be. What kind of frosting did you use? It looks like a yellow fondant. Did you just dye white frosting? And what kind of cake did you use? Did you use the pound cake like they suggested? Thanks for the info!


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