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Coolest Wow! Wow! Wubzy 4th Birthday Cake

First I just made the cake out of a chocolate box cake in my 11×15 sheet cake pan.

I made my Wilton’s buttercream icing (wilton.com) and made 3 batches of it, just so I had enough. One batch I made the thin consistency to ice the cake and the other 2 were the medium consistency for the star tips. I crumb coated the whole cake first, with a thin layer of icing to cover crumbs. Let cake sit out so icing would harden a little, then covered it with a final thick layer of icing.

My husband drew with a tooth pick, each character very lightly in the icing. Then after, I went over it with Wilton’s Black icing in the tube, using round tip #3.

After I had that all outlined, I then mixed my colors using Wilton’s food coloring. I mixed a cup of pink and set it aside, a cup of yellow, a cup of light blue, and a cup of purple.

I used star tip #16 to fill in ALL of the characters. Took me about 5 hours, slowly working on it non-stop.

I then bought Wilton’s already made fondant (pastel colors) and bought the small ABC/123 fondant cookie cutters, and made the “WOW! WOW! CHLOE’S 4!” out of that. I used the same star tip #16 to make the yellow zig-zags around top of cake and the grass tip to make grass around bottom of cake. It used star sprinkles to add a colorful touch around words.

All in all it was pretty easy, just took time. Good Luck!

8 thoughts on “Coolest Wow! Wow! Wubzy 4th Birthday Cake”

  1. AnnMarie! You should start practicing bigger cakes. One day I’m gonna need a wedding cake and I want to make it myself so I’ll definitely need help! haha This cake is so good! Great job!

  2. It looks awesome… as usual! You need to post all the one’s you do. It’s neat you can put them on this website! Good job!
    Love, Kerri xoxo

  3. Your cake is just adorable! You must be a very dedicated mom to spend that time of getting it just right. I would have hated to cut into it! Thank you for the instructions.

  4. Thank You Everyone for the nice comments!!!! : )

    The characters were pretty easy to draw, nothing to them hehe. Good Luck!!! : )


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