I made this Yo Gabba Gabba Toodee Cake for a friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday. I didn’t even know who Toodee was when he asked me to make this cake – he told me she was from Yo Gabba Gabba (which I had never seen) so I Googled it. When it popped up it was all bright green with really big white flowers with different colored centers. I thought the should be pretty easy & fun. So I agreed to make the cake.

As I looked for more info I found out what I was looking at was Foofaland – not Toodeeland! Toodee lives in the land of Ice and snow! Original plan failed – onto a new plan…

I created the mountain out of fondant/gum paste mix of couple of days before I made the cake by just cutting triangle shapes and letting them dry. Then I put some space between them with some small balls of fondant.

At the cake shop I bought some iridescent sparkle dust and decided to try it on this cake. I love love love this stuff! I was so easy to use and the cake looks so pretty and sparkly!

Bella hasn’t seen the cake yet but I hope she loves it!