My kids love Yo Gabba Gabba and I knew I wanted to give them a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party. I was really excited to create a Homemade Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Cake for them. I don’t have any training. I did all my research online and taught myself how to make the designs for the cake.

I used homemade MM fondant. I used the recipe from the Wilton website. I used the same fondant recipe for the figures I just added extra powdered sugar to make it more firm to mold. I did make them a few days ahead of time to make sure they would set up before adding them to the cake. I also practiced making them before doing the final product.

I used Wilton’s gel food coloring to color all the fondant. I printed out pictures of the characters from the Nick Jr website for a reference on how they should look. I really like the way it turned out. There are of course some things I wish I would have done better, but not bad for my first fondant cake.