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Cornbread Mashed Potato Chicken Cake

I was inspired to try making this cornbread mashed potato chicken cake after watching a chef and baker by the name of Darius do it. My brother asked me to make a cake for his neighbor who recently turned 100 years old so it was the perfect opportunity.

I was so excited because this lady has been blessed to be on this earth for 100 years. I even had the pleasure of meeting her just before she left for her 100th birthday party and she looked amazing. When she saw the cake, she was so excited and wanted to dig in right away.  My brother was also excited because it turned out so well.

Cornbread Mashed Potato Chicken Cake Directions

  • The first thing I did was make the collard greens.
  • Then I peeled the potatoes to make mashed potatoes.
  • I made homemade cornbread (2 layers) and fried chicken wings.
  • I also made gravy.
  • After I cooked everything I started to put the cake together.
  • I took the first layer of cornbread and put the greens in between.
  • I put the other layer of cornbread on and began to ice the cake with mashed potato.
  • I piped a design with the potatoes.
  • I placed the chicken wings on top and then lathered gravy over it and garnished with parsley.

Making the cake was a little time consuming, but it was a lot of fun to put together.

Cornbread Mashed Potato Chicken Cake