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Coolest Steak And Potato Cake

When my dad turned 60 we had a big surprise party for him. I was trying to think of something that he would appreciate and that would “fit” him. He’s a meat and potatoes kinda guy and so I decided to do a steak and potato cake.

This was a huge cake. I used a total of 8 mixes. 6 mixes went into the butcher block, 1 into the potato and 1 into the steak(it was meant to feed over 100 people). The entire cake was covered in marshmallow fondant. The steak was originally covered in a marbled meat colored fondant which I airbrushed with brown food color (mixed in vodka)to make it look cooked. The grill lines were pressed into the fondant and painted with black food color.

The potato was wrapped in brownish fondant and rolled in cinnamon to make it appear more potato skin like. I used buttercream frosting made extra thick for the insides of the potato and a piece of yellow fondant for the butter.

The green beans were shaped from the fondant as well as the plate.

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