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Cutest Bulldog Cake

Talk about complicated, these cute little puppies have so many wrinkles and crevises. It was so fun to do though. I made it for a friend’s wife for her birthday since they have 2 of these babies. I started off sculpting the head out of rice crispy treats and forming it too the basic shape of the head. I then had to bake 4 10 in round cakes for the body. I had to sculpt the legs into the body and crumb coat so I could cover in fondant.

The the fun began attaching the head so it would be stable and covering it with fondant. I rolled out the fondant and layered it with wooden dowels to give it the wrinkle affect before placing on the head of the bulldog. I decided I was going to air brush this cake to give it more of the detail. Not bad for my first time attempting to air brush with multiple colors on one cake. Working with the air brush was an experience. I learned the hard way if you have to much it just runs and saturates your  cake, and if not enough it looks terrible. So I had to play with it to get it down but I don’t think I did to bad for a first. Very fun cake