Homemade Darth Vader Helmet Cake

This  Darth Vader Helmet cake was made for a birthday man within 3 days of notice! I really had to pull magic out for this one! I stacked about four 9 inch cakes and two 6×2 inch cakes and carved a simple formation of a would be Darth Vader helmet. Flavor was strawberry with strawberry filling, butter cream and covered in black fondant.

The hardest part was shaping the face! Oh man I sure had to do some majoic there! At first it was hard to even think what about what I was even doing! One thing I can say is never give up! With the help of fondant tools I was able to create a face for this cake. The best thing was that the helmet was so lifelike. The Lightsaber was a clearance item for the after Halloween specials but it worked perfect to make this a true start .This was a perfect Star Wars cake for any age!

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