Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake Ideas

This Elmo birthday cake was inspired by one of the cake sites on the Web.

First, I started out by printing a picture of Elmo off the internet, and then I blew it up and traced him onto wax paper.

I then cut him out and placed him on my iced sheet cake and traced around him with a toothpick. Then I filled him in.

I added the little license plate (that wasn’t in the picture) and I also added the party hat and balloon myself.

The Elmo birthday cake was really great!!!

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

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Cake by Denise R., Lutcher, LA

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

For this Elmo birthday cake, I scanned a picture of Elmo onto card stock from my daughter Christmas balloon. I cut out Elmo, cutting out his eyes, nose and mouth area as well. I then placed my stencil on top of the cake and used a toothpick to trace around the stencil. Then I used the #18 star tip to decorate Elmo with.

Cake by Charity T., Holland, MI

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

We had and Elmo and Big Bird party.

I bought the Elmo birthday cake pan. I used chocolate cake with chocolate chips in Elmo for my son and made a butter cream icing with soy milk.

Next, I waited till the cake was cool to spread the butter cream frosting on the cake.

I added food coloring in each bowl to make the different colors.

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

Cake by Megan M., Fairmont, WV

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

This Elmo birthday cake was made for my friend’s friend. She helped me with this cake as well as the batman cake I did because she wanted to learn how to decorate cakes. She worked on the Elmo as I did pretty much the rest including the flower Elmo was holding. It was a pretty good job and I was pleased with how this cake turned out. It was a full sheet cake so it was pretty big.

Cake by Jessi W., Deland, FL

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

This Elmo birthday cake was prepared using the Betty Crocker bake and fill cake pan. I prepared a white cake mix according to directions on box and pan, filled with strawberry ice cream and froze over night.

With the left over batter I also made 6 mini cupcakes, 2 of which were used for the eyes. I cut holes in top of the cake just deep enough to set the cupcakes down into. It took one whole bottle of red food coloring, orange skittles for eyes, and crushed Oreos for the mouth. I frosted the entire cake red, inserted the cupcakes for eyes and frosted them white and added some Oreos for the eyes.

Cake by Joy R., Harrodsburg, KY

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

I prepared this Elmo birthday cake as a normal 2-layer cake; I used two round 9-inch cake pans. Then I used food coloring in frosting, Oreo Cookies for eyes, and a lump of frosting with orange food coloring for a very sweet nose.

Cake by Colleen M., Downingtown, PA

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

I made this Elmo birthday cake for my nephew Ethan’s 2nd birthday. Elmo was one of his first words so it was an easy choice.

I used Wilton’s Elmo birthday cake pan (now retired, I got mine from ebay) and put it on top of an 11×15 inch sheet cake to make enough to serve the whole party. I had to angle it a bit to make it fit, so it might be easier to use the sheet pan that is the next size up. Then, I basically followed the directions for the pan to decorate Elmo, and then used the left over colors to trim the sheet cake.

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

Next I added crayon candles that I found in the grocery store (Elmo loves his crayons!) that happened to match the Elmo paper plates that were available at that time. I also found the Elmo birthday cake candle leaning against a crayon that matched perfectly.

Cake by Kristyn Z., Lancaster, PA

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

This Elmo birthday cake was made in the Elmo cake pan. It was pretty easy to decorate.

It’s mostly red star tipped icing. The mouth was tricky to get to look nice. A toothpick and slightly moist offset spatula helped define and smooth. I cut a piece of cardboard in the shape of this Sesame Street character cake and covered it in foil for presentation.

Cake by Dawn S., Bear, Delaware

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

Elmo is my daughter Allison’s favorite little red monster, so needless to say her 2nd birthday theme was nothing but ELMO!

For Elmo’s face, my mother-in-law and I used Wilton ‘s Elmo birthday cake pan and followed the decorating instructions on the insert. The only adjustment we made was we used a large star tip rather than a small one to fill in the red on his face. The large star tip gave him a much more fuzzy and furry look!

Elmo was placed on top of a half sheet cake (we did make this one too!) We used about 5 boxes of cake mix to construct this entire Sesame Street character cake!!

**Tip** We made the cakes two days prior to the party and froze them. Then pulled them out of the freezer the day before and decorated them (it’s much easier to decorate a frozen cake, plus we didn’t have to worry about Elmo’s face falling apart while we placed him on top of the sheet cake). We iced the sheet cake first then placed Elmo on top and decorated him. We finished the Sesame Street character cake off with our birthday writings and sprinkled the edges around the cake with mini rainbow candies!

Once the cake was completed we refrigerated it overnight. It was so super moist!!

Elmo Birthday Cake with Wilton Cake Pan

Cake by Brandilyn S., Binghamton, New York

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

This is the Elmo birthday cake I made for my son’s 2nd Birthday. He was really into Elmo and I thought it would be neat to make it myself.

I used the Elmo birthday cake pan from Wilton and just put it on top of a thin 11×13 pan. The cakes were store-bought Betty Crocker – double pudding!!! For the frosting I made the butter cream Wilton frosting (which is on any Wilton cake pan instruction sheet).

I wrote “Happy Birthday Ashton” on a piece of cardboard covered with foil. The name is supposed to go on the present that Elmo is holding, but it wouldn’t fit right so I put an Elmo sticker there instead – it seemed to work out great. Then I also added the Sesame Street character dolls on the thin cake.

I have never taken any classes to do this kind of decorating. It may look overwhelming and hard, but once you start you will get the hang of it. I still have not taken any classes and it has been a year. I’m not only making children’s cakes now, I have done wedding cakes and also other neat things.

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Cake by Linda L., Mississauga, ON

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

Cake by Cheryl S., North Royalton, Ohio

Elmo Birthday Cake Photo

My daughter talks about Elmo non-stop, so naturally her cake was Elmo. I used the Wilton Elmo birthday cake pan and found out that if you make the red frosting 3 days in advance (with the no-taste tulip red), it will get redder over time instead of jus t d ark pink.

I liked giving Elmo the fuzzy look by just frosting him with a spatula instead of using any decorating tips. Also, it is definitely easier to make black frosting when you start with another color frosting as the base instead of white.