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Coolest Elmo Birthday Cakes and Decorating Tips

This is one of my first cakes. I made it for my daughter’s second birthday. I used an Elmo shaped pan and just a store bought cake mix. I colored the icing with food gel.

Cake by Lisa Y., Reisterstown, MD

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Elmo Birthday Cakes

I made this Elmo cake for my nephew’s first birthday. He loved construction tools and Elmo so I combined them. Cover a sheet cake (any flavor) with white icing. Use red decorating icing in a tube with a star tip and pipe on stars in the shape of Elmo’s face and hands. I used black decorating icing for the mouth. For the eyes I covered cookies with white icing and then added a black dot in the center. I covered a chocolate candy egg with orange icing for the nose. I bought plastic construction tools at the dollar store and added them on top in Elmo’s hand. It was a huge hit!

Cake by L. S. Danbury, CT

Elmo Birthday Cakes

This is an Elmo cake I made for my nephew’s first birthday. He loves Elmo and this was his personal cake for him to smash and enjoy all for himself! I used a 6″x3″ cake pan, the Wilton recipe for basic butter cake and Wilton’s buttercream recipe (with half butter and half shortening).

I mixed up a basic banana cream for the filling by cooking together a little butter milk, flour, sugar, mashed banana and a dash of vanilla. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice after you take the banana cream off the stove to keep the banana from turning grey/brown.

The eyes and nose of Elmo are rolled fondant (nose is colored with Wiltons orange and a dash of no flavor red). I used tubes of black and red icing for the other details.

Elmo Birthday Cakes

Cake by Alycia S., Arizona.

Elmo Birthday Cakes

I used a large round cake pan and large cupcake pan for this Elmo cake. I cut one of the large cupcakes in half and placed them on each side of the round cake to make an oval. I filled in the gaps with frosting. The kids liked it. I placed two large cupcakes at the top of the round cake for eyes and one large cupcake on top of the cake for the nose.

I frosted Elmo’s eyes white and the nose orange and made them smooth. I put a small dot on the eyes with black frosting and smoothed them. I frosted the mouth black and smoothed it out. I frosted the rest of the cake red purposely making it look like his messy fur. I made these cupcakes to match. I frosted them the same way only instead of cupcakes I used large marshmallows cut in half. I put the black frosting on the bare marshmallow and smoothed it down. I frosted the nose with orange and smoothed it.

Cake by Kim A., Sudbury, Ontario

Elmo Birthday Cakes

Found a recipe for an Elmo cake from my absolute favorite “Barefoot Contessa” and made a chocolate cake from scratch. It called for a cup of fresh brewed coffee which made it so moist and tasty. The icing was a recipe I found online for fluffy icing and it was a big hit. It wasn’t sweet at all but it was a huge hit!

Elmo Birthday Cakes

Cake by Paige C., Knoxville, TN

Elmo Birthday Cakes

I wanted an easy to make Elmo cake for my son’s second birthday. I found out from a previous experience that red icing is extremely messy and staining for a two year old so I wanted to avoid an all red cake too. This cake was super simple!

I used a yellow box cake mix and prepared it in two 9″ round cake pans. Next I frosted the cake all over with store bought canned chocolate frosting. Next I used Wiltons canned white frosting dyed red with gel food coloring. I found if you let the frosting sit for several hours the red becomes darker. I piped on the face of Elmo using the “grass” tip in a circle shape.

I decorated the face using two mini marshmallows for the eyes piped with small dot of premixed tube black icing. I used an orange peanut M&M for the nose and then piped on the smile also using the black icing. I changed to the writing tip and used the remaining red icing to write my greeting! That’s it!

Cake by Kimberley W., Cornelius, OR

Elmo Birthday Cakes

My two year old son is into Elmo this year. This is the first cake I’ve ever made. I needed enough cake for twenty people. I was going through my Wiltons book and came up with the idea of the party hat pan for the extra cake needed. This was perfect.

The kids had party hats and so did Elmo. I did buy the pans and used a cake recipe I had found for buttermilk cake and used buttercream icing to decorate. He was so excited he kept putting his fingers in to it and licking the icing off. I had so much fun doing this. The whole family loved the cake.

Cake by Beth M., Pemberton, NJ

Elmo Birthday Cakes

I found a picture of Elmo online, printed it on cardstock, laminated it then cut it out for a stencil. I laid it on the iced half sheet cake and traced it with a toothpick. After filling it in with the appropriate colors I added giant sized sprinkle stars.

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