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First Birthday Cake

I made four “cakes” for my daughter’s first birthday. She is allergic to eggs, so I made eggless chocolate cakes for her. The only thing w/egg in it is the royal icing, which didn’t touch the cake. The royal icing was only used for decoration.

Main cake – Pink Princess Castle Cake from the Wilton castle cake kit. Start 2 or 3 days in advance. I prepared the turrets by icing them with royal icing that I dyed w/pink food coloring. Then, I sprinkled white glitter on them. I followed the instructions that came w/the kit. The kit is basically the towers, turrets, windows, door and roof. I also made fondant for the flowers using glucose, gelatin and glycerin. Then, I divided them into three batches and dyed them purple, pink, and yellow. I used the ejector flower garland kit from Wilton to make about 300 flowers! The flowers are attached using buttercream that I made. I made two eggless and no dairy chocolate cakes, the bottom is a two layer 9″ inch cake and the second layer is a two layer 5″cake. I used 5 wooden dowels to stack the cake.

TIP: Don’t forget to wrap your cake cardboard in foil. Notice the grease stains on my pix.

Mini-cake for the birthday girl – Eggless, no dairy, chocolate cake with buttercream and fondant flowers and white marshmallow fondant. The top is a princess tiara candle, it’s from Michael’s or your local arts/crafts/bakery store.

Cupcake in ice cream cones – I cut out an eggless chocolate cake (from Barefoot Contessa, I substituted the eggs w/an oil, water, baking powder recipe — this is super moist and I didn’t think it would hold up the fondant, so I used it to make these wonderful cute cupcakes) and smooshed it into the ice cream cones. Then, I put buttercream frosting and sprinkled it with sugar crystals and sprinkles, which you can find at any grocery store.

TIP: to transport them, use a popover tin and stuff paper towels around the bottom cones so they don’t tip over.

#1 Candy plaque – I melted pink chocolate chips using the double boiler method and scooped it into the plaque. I used about 1lb of chips to fill it to the first groove in the cake mold. Tap it several times on the counter to remove air bubbles. Then I let it set in the fridge for about 15-20 minutes. It unmolds easily and I placed it on cardboard and attached fondant flowers and letters using the same melted pink chocolate chips.

TIP: DO NOT leave it overnight in the fridge, it’s too cold and will make it crack. I learned that the hard way. Then, I left it out at room temperature, away from the sun.

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