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Coolest Homemade Football Cake Ideas

I made this football cake last month for the SUPER BOWL. We had approximately 20 guests over to watch the big game. Here’s how I made the cake: I used the Wilton football pan for the football and used a chocolate cake mix for this. The bottom of the field was made with a white cake mix and both were decorated with a butter cream frosting.

The uprights were purchased from a local party store and added a great touch. I had to create each of the teams’ end zones in which I used the Wilton frosting coloring to produce the accurate team colors. I topped the cake off with clear edible glitter to make the cake sparkle. Everyone loved it and my team even WON!

Football Cake Picture
Football Cake Picture

Fun Homemade Helmet Cake

Cake by Lisa B., Loretto, KY

Football Cake Picture

This is a 3 layer pan size are 8 inch round. I then used a Betty Crocker bake and fill for the top portion. I iced and stacked the round cakes then cut away a little less than a half for the face area. Then I placed the ball shaped cake on top and iced it also. The face guard is floral wire wrapped in MMF. The stripes and stars are also MMF.

Amazing Football Field Cake

Cake by Angie I., Slidell, LA

Football Cake Picture

This football cake was for the Saints first home game post Katrina! It’s a 2 layer 9×13 iced as a field. Hand piped fleur de lis around sides. Edible glitter is on the top fleur de lis to give it a sparkle.

Coolest LSU Buttercream Cake

Cake by Kristi B., Fort Worth ,TX

Football Cake Picture

I made the field of this football cake from a whole sheet cake pan and then baked another cake in the football pan. I placed the football on top of the field. The field was white cake and the football was chocolate cake with raspberry filling. It tasted great and looked great!

Incredible Football and Helmet Cakes

Cake by Frieda P., Chino, CA

Football Cake Picture

I used the sports ball pan for the helmet. I placed it on top of a 6″ cake that I had cut the front part off to create the overhanging look. The faceguard was created using fondant and was a real challenge…there were numerous toothpicks used to hold it together and to attach it to the cake.

The Trojan was done free hand…I just prayed I wouldn’t make a mistake! The football cake was a no-brainer; I didn’t use a pan, just carved it from a cake. My customer loved it!

Football Cake Picture

Laces Out!

Cake by Cari G., Grandview, TX

Football Cake Picture

I always try to come up with new interesting cakes to bake in my Pampered Chef batter bowl. It makes a dome shaped cake.

For this football cake, I used one box cake and cut it down the middle from top to bottom. Then laid the wide ends together (after cutting the rounded end off). I iced it with one can of chocolate icing and used my decorator (or you could just use decorating tips and bag) to make the laces on the football. I colored some leftover white icing and made some blades of grass.

Football Cake Picture

Awesome Raiders Cake

Cake by Donna W., Carlin, NV

Football Cake Picture

This Raiders football cake was a big hit, as it would be for any sports fan!!!

I baked a 12-inch square chocolate cake (using 2 cake mixes) and used buttercream icing. Be sure to trim off the mound of cake before turning out of pan. I used a strawberry glaze for the filling. It is a big hit with people, believe it or not.

Decorating the Cake

I found a picture I liked and enlarged it and then traced it onto wax paper. Next, I made a pattern of just the shield and then one of the face. I placed the wax paper shield on the cake and used a toothpick to put a dotted line around it. Then I removed the wax paper. I traced around it and filled it in and smoothed it with black—Not Very Thick— as black icing can be bitter and it stains clothing for kids, etc.

After refrigerating it for a while, I took it out and did the same thing for the face. I poked holes all around IN the wax paper face too so I could tell where the facial features went. Then filled it in with white, building up the nose and chin, etc. to give it a 3D look.

Then, I placed the black on top as needed and the little white border around the shield and I did the border for the football cake using a striping method with black icing— not paste — and white icing., It was for a woman, so I put some white rosebuds and stems with black accents at the bottom. It did not show up very well in the picture.

Finally I created the writing on the front of cake. I wish I could have found a silver board, and I did not like the look of foil, so it has a gold board. A bit time consuming, but well worth it!

Cool Pats Football Field Cake

Cake by Megan M., Fairmont, WV

Football Cake Picture

This football cake was made for my nephew. I am not a big football fan and so I had to look up football fields as well as the Patriot symbol. I think I did a pretty good job for not having that much sport knowledge.

Amazing 3-D Helmet Cake

Cake by John R., Shawnee, KS

Football Cake Picture

I came up with the idea of creating a 3-D football helmet birthday cake a few years ago. I used the round ball cake pan and pipe cleaner for the facemask. The team is up to you.

Cool Football Cake and Cupcakes

Cake by Kahlig, Rosenberg, TX

Football Cake Picture

Beautiful LSU Football Cake

Cake by Denise R., Lutcher, LA

Football Cake Picture

My son is a huge LSU football fan. He wanted an LSU football cake for his 4th birthday. I purchased the football players from a local party supply store and painted them purple and gold. I also made a football cake in chocolate icing.

Easy Football Cake

Cake by Lori C., Rome, GA

Football Cake Picture

This is my nephew’s first year playing football, and he’s the quarterback. So, for his 9th birthday I decided to make him a football cake. This football cake was very easy.

I made a 9″X13″ white cake. Once it cooled, I cut the corners off to make the football cake shape.

I used vanilla frosting for the white stripes on the ends of the football and chocolate frosting for the rest. Then I used vanilla frosting once again to make the laces and write “Happy Birthday Brody”.

The football cake was definitely a ‘touchdown’!!!

Football Cake Picture