My co-worker wanted to give her niece a doll cake on her 2nd birthday to surprise her. She asked me if I could do it for her as a favor.

To minimize cost and time, the cake is made of chocolate cake mix I bought from the store. I made buttercream icing to dirty ice the cake and homemade fondant which was made of marshmallow. For the cupcakes, I used boiled icing. The doll and the cupcake topper are all from our local dollar chain store.

Since I want the doll’s dress to look like a modern Victorian Style gown, I used one of my stainless steel mixing bowls to bake my cake into more of a curvy shape rather than an A-line. I baked a few lemon cupcakes to go with the doll.

The night before, I baked the cake as directed and prepared my marshmallow fondant for the next morning. I never freeze my cake. The original dress of the doll was removed and I washed it and wrapped in a plastic wrap and put in the middle of the cake.

The process begins by dirty icing the cake, and while waiting for the frosting to harden I knead my fondant until pliable, and then cut some letters and tiny flowers for decorations. That’s a lot of mess, believe me! But at the end, I am happy with the results and much happier to learn that Keshia’s eyes got bigger and knowing of the wow’s and ooh’s from their guest were inspiring.