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12 Coolest Frog Birthday Cakes

This cake was for a bridal shower for a bride who was crazy about frogs. This cake was a combination of two pictures that the bride’s sister had found online for frog birthday cakes. The frog was a pound cake and used three different cake pans to create (along with rice crispies to shape his eyes). He was then covered in fondant.

His arms and legs were pieces of fondant that were shaped on the frog. The base cake was vanilla with strawberry and covered with buttercream to look like water with a fondant lily pad for the frog to sit on. The crown butterflies and dragon flies were all made by hand.

Cake by Jami R., Wylie, TX

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

I made this frog cake for my three year old son’s birthday party. I baked a vanilla sheet cake for the bottom and cut the sides for a curved look. I baked the frog using the bear mold (half pound cake batter and half yellow cake mix batter). I made the frog’s front feet out of rice Krispie treats and covered the entire thing with marshmallow fondant.

My son especially loved the tongue and ladybug which were made out of a mixture of half marshmallow fondant and half gum paste for firmness. This is my first try at frog birthday cakes and it was a big hit!

Cake by Mysti W., Anniston, AL

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

My niece wanted a frog cake for her 12th birthday. I made this one using 8″ and 10″ square pans. The icing is buttercream. The frog I made out of sugar paste that I made using Wilton’s Gum Tek and Glucose recipe. I didn’t realize that the sugar paste had to rest for 8-12 hours before using and I started the cake a little too late to allow for this so it came out a little too soft. I tinted a small portion of the sugar paste green to use for the head/body of the frog.

After forming the frog I rolled a small bit of the sugar paste to form the eyes and rolled a bit flat to form the crown. I used small craft scissors to cut the points on the crown. I then used green shimmer powder mixed with a bit of vodka and painted the frog all over this gave him a nice sheen. I used gold pearl dust mixed with a bit of vodka to paint the crown. The eyes, mouth and lips I drew on using food coloring markers. Unfortunately because the sugar paste was a little too soft the frog “sank” a bit, he originally was a bit taller and thinner!

It turned out pretty well all in all however and my niece loved it. Next time I make frog birthday cakes will let the sugar paste rest for a whole day!

Cake by Amanda E., Clinton, KY

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for my sister’s baby shower which had a frog/pond theme. I used the big Wiltons sheet cake pan to bake the cake mixes in. I had no idea of making frog birthday cakes so I found a frog clip art on the internet that I liked and printed it out. I also checked out this site for frog birthday cakes and got some idea from that as well.

I used chocolate icing for the “mud” and colored white icing for all the other colors I needed. Everyone thought it was “toadally” awesome!

Cake by Carrie P., Cleveland, TN

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

I used three cake mixes for the frog birthday cakes. For the body I used a dome cake pan and two round cake pans for a three layer cake. For an extra fun touch use some green food coloring in a white cake mix for an all green cake.

The head and legs for the cake is a Rice Krispies mix. It is very easy to work with and to make shapes. The eyes and feet are dried fondant. I rolled out the fondant and cut out frog feet shape, two small and two big. The mouth and body are covered in a Wilton’s butter cream recipe and then in fondant to make a nice smooth surface to work with. The outer layer is then another layer of butter cream using the star tip.

The cake came out a lot better than I expected. I’m no great cake decorator but I had an idea and did my best. It was for my nephew’s birthday. Everyone loved it and it fed a lot of people.

Cake by Synda K., Centennial, CO

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

This was a cake that was created for my little sister when she turned eleven. It is one eight-inch round cut in half with the cut parts down on the board. It was simply iced with green buttercream and a few simple details were created with molded Airheads which taste way better than fondant!

I copied some ideas for frog birthday cakes from this site.

Cake by Shirley D, Braintree, MA

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

My grandson was having a birthday party at a wildlife center and his invitations and decorations had frogs on them. I’ve been making cakes since my boys were little but never found a place to showcase them! I believe I found the inspiration for this cake from this site for frog birthday cakes so I thought it only right to submit a picture of the cake I made.

This cake is made from two 9″ round cake pans and a heart cake pan. I also made some mini cupcakes and a regular sized cupcake from leftover batter. (I used four cake mixes for this cake!) The two round cakes are the body and the heart cake is the heat and “shoulders.” I also used two mini cupcakes and half a regular cupcake behind the heart shaped cake which made the back of the frog look dimensional. The legs are made from frosted Twinkies and the eyes are large marshmallows and junior mints.

Hope you enjoy!

Cake by Tanya W., New Zealand

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

My friend Kat was having a birthday party for her one year old son. She asked if I could make frog birthday cakes from his frog toy, so I did.

The frog was made in a 3-d bear tin. When the cake has cooled, cut the bears ears and move them on top of the head. I used butter cream to ice the frog and I used a bit of fondant for the shapes on the bib and arms. The legs and arms are made of fondant and have been iced with butter cream icing. Also, to stick the hands on I used a tooth pick.

Cake by Shana P., Katy, TX

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for a friend’s daughter on her birthday. She is a gymnast and loves froggies. It is a double layer made in casserole pans 13x 9 inches. The icing is a butter cream icing that I copied from a recipe and the cake I also found under frog birthday cakes online. If you make it thick enough it works just like fondant but tastes 10 times better.

Cake by Cristen T., Gold Coast, Queensland

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for a friend who had a son turning one. I had never made frog birthday cakes before so this was quite a challenge seeing as I wanted to do a 3D standing up frog, but I was only supplied with two large squared banana cakes so I made it a 2D but I gave it a bit of shape by cutting the stomach and head and the legs at an angle to look rounded etc.

I just used the regular butter cream icing and to make the texture on top I put paper towel on top. The white in the eyes was a harder pre made icing as was the red mouth.

Cake by Kelly M., Northport, NY

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

I used an Elmo cake pan to make this frog birthday cake. It was a yellow cake with chocolate pudding filling. I used different shades of green for the majority of the cake and to be a little fancier I added edible green glitter to the mouth.

I used a fruit roll up for the tongue. My friend was so surprised!

Cake by Heather E., New Britain, CT

Coolest Homemade Frog Birthday Cakes

The frog birthday cakes on this site gave me inspiration to make my own. I made two 9×13 cakes and one cupcake for my frog cake. I put raspberry seedless jam between the layers. I frosted with white homemade butter cream frosting.

I used Blue frosting for pond, then dark green for lily pad. I made the frog from the cupcake. Diagonal cuts in front and back of cupcake were made to make the cupcake sit sideways and for the white belly. I frosted the cupcake green.

The eyes made of white frosting. I piped green around the whites of the eyes. Quartered chocolate chips were used for the pupils. I placed the frog on the lily pad and then piped on the legs. I used Red frosting to pipe a mouth.

Drop flowers were placed around the pond in pink with yellow centers. Bees made of Junior Mints. Placed Mint on the flower and then used Yellow to pipe stripes & used almonds for wings outlined in yellow. Then put dots for little yellow eyes. I outlined bottom of cake with pink and green drop flowers. Then I outlined the top with yellow balls of frosting.