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Glass Slipper on a Pillow Cake

I made this glass slipper on a pillow cake for my granddaughter’s 7th birthday.

Glass Slipper on a Pillow Cake Instructions

  • The glass slipper is made of white chocolate that I molded and then added sanding sugar and star sprinkles to.
  • The instep is fondant cut to match.
  • The pillow cake was made in the Wilton pan.  This was a challenge as the heating core that they supply didn’t work that great.  I needed to make two cakes to form a pillow; the second one split when I took it out of the core, so I needed to make a third one.  That time I just used three rose nails in the center and it came out just fine.
  • I iced the whole cake in buttercream (but it’s actually made with Crisco).
  • Then my husband rolled the fondant for me because it needed to be so huge to cover this cake.
  • I used an impression mat for the flowers on the fondant.  I was very pleased that the fondant didn’t break or crack and it was easy to tuck underneath the cake.
  • I used icing for the rope around the pillow and also the tassels.
  • The tricky part was putting the shoe on top without it sinking into the cake.  I put a piece of cardboard into the icing and used enough to cover so it wouldn’t poke thru the fondant.
  • I still needed more support, so I made a ribbon for the shoe to stand on and added some fondant butterflies for a finishing touch.

My granddaughter loved this cake!

Glass Slipper on a Pillow Cake