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Homemade 25th Anniversary Cake

I made this 25th Anniversary cake for my parent’s anniversary and they loved it! This cake, though time consuming, was pretty easy. It was a 3 layer chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I’ve learned the quilting pattern on the fondant from a video, but if you wish to buy a quilt impression mat, more power to you!

I used the frosting to attach the little balls. I can’t think of what they are called but you can find them at any cake supplies store. The bow again was fondant (I realized after cutting it that my picture still had the paper towel howling the bows up till they dried, sorry). If you need to learn how to make them there are plenty of tutorials online and they aren’t that hard. Just make sure your fondant isn’t getting dry because those things will crack right away!! Maybe work some Crisco into it before you spread it or rub some on to smooth the cracks out. I had some trouble making a nice 25 so I wrote it on a piece of fondant and put the silver balls around it so it wouldn’t look too bland.

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