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Coolest 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Friends of ours were due to have a special wedding anniversary, their 50th. They asked me if I could make a 50th wedding anniversary cake for them and obviously I said, “yes!”  They wanted a heart cake with a topper on it and they sent me a picture of the sort of cake decoration they had in  mind.

I started by making the hearts and I made some extra ones in case of breakages.

Making the Cake Topper

  • I made two sizes in the hearts and attached these to wires for the topper.
  • When they had hardened I coloured them gold with a gold shimmer dust.
  • Then, I curled some wire around a pencil to attach into the topper. On the picture you can see black feathers, but it turned out that she doesn’t like feathers so I removed them for her.
  • I also made a small bucket shape to attach the hearts and wires into.
  • I made a heart with the word love imprinted onto it and then used a fine paint brush with tiny amounts of vodka and some of the gold shimmer to dust carefully over the word love.
  • Then, I dusted the edges of the heart in the gold.
  • When it was dry, I attached it to the bucket shape using a little royal icing and then I set it aside ready to attach to the cake later.
  • I then coloured some of the hearts in gold shimmer dust and some with a gold glitter.


Making the Cake

It was now time to bake the 10” heart cake.

  • I baked the cake and when it was cold I filled it with butter cream and jam and then covered it with the butter cream all over and placed it in the freezer to chill.
  • Meanwhile, I coloured enough fondant in ivory so that when the cake was chilled I could cover the whole cake and the cake board.
  • I set this aside to harden slightly.
  • Then I proceed to make the frills to fit around the cake.


Making the Cake Edge Frills

  • I used flower paste rolled thinly and cut it into strips. I had to do small amounts at a time because it dries out very quickly.
  • After cutting the strips I used a cocktail stick and with a tiny bit of pressure on the one edge I kept slightly rolling them until they made slight frills until it went along the whole edge.
  • I then coloured this with the gold shimmer dust and blew off any excess before attaching this to the cake.
  • I continued doing this until I was pleased with the end result.


Assembling the 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

  • Using some royal icing I started attaching the hearts to the cake.
  • I coloured some icing in cream, cut out the numbers 50, and attached them to the cake.
  • I then attached the topper I had made earlier.
  • Then, I cut out all the lettering and attached this to the cake.

I sent our friends a picture of the end result. Everyone loved it!

Coolest 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Coolest 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake