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Coolest 40th Wedding Anniversary Cake

I adore making cakes with models on the top and was asked to make a 40th wedding anniversary cake with a couple sitting on a bench on the top of a cake. It was for my niece’s mom and dad’s ruby anniversary.

40th Wedding Anniversary Cake Directions

  • She wanted a plain 10square sponge cake, so I baked two 10″square cakes.
  • When they were cold I filled them with jam and buttercream and then covered the whole cake with buttercream and placed it in the freezer to chill.
  • Meanwhile. I coloured some icing in green and rolled it out and when the cake was chilled, I covered it with the green icing, including the cake board.
  • Next, I added a little gum paste to some rolled out icing in white.
  • Then I rolled it out and cut out the fencing with a wavy edge cutter and gradually attached this to the sides of the cake using a little water, making the impression of a gate at the front of the cake.
  • Using the rest of the white icing, I rolled out a fat sausage shape and flattened it slightly to make the seating for the two people.
  • Then I started on the people…

Making the Anniversary Couple

Step 1.  THE MAN

  • I coloured some gumpaste in navy blue and first rolled out a long sausage to form the legs.
  • I squashed the bum part of the icing flat so it would rest on the bench.
  • I made the torso like a oblong shape, but rounded the edges and made the neck part thinner.
  • I made a small v shaped cut out to the neck edge and attached a v shape of white icing to make the shirt.
  • I coloured some icing in black and made the shoes and left this to harden slightly.

Step 2.  THE WOMAN

  • I coloured some gum paste in a flesh colour, enough to make the lady’s head, arms and legs and the man’s hands and head.
  • I rolled out a long thin sausage, the shape I needed to make the woman’s legs,flattened the bum part slightly, and laid it flat on a board while I coloured some icing in orange and blue.
  • I rolled out the two coloured icing and cut a wide strip in blue and a thin strip in orange and attached them together using a little water.
  • I attached this around the legs to form a skirt, making sure the seam was at the back of the legs.
  • I positioned this to the bench and made some black shoes for the lady and attached these to the legs.
  • With some flesh colour, I made the torso, forming the boob shape with small balls of icing .
  • I then rolled out the blue icing and made the shape for the top of the dress and attached it to the torso.
  • Next, I rolled out a very thin sausage shape in orange for the trim on the top of the dress.
  • Then I attached the arms and made the man’s arms and attached them so they were holding hands.
  • I attached a wooden stick into each model so they would up hold the heads I had just made.
  • I then rolled out some black icing and cut out a large heart and attached it to the cake.
  • I cut out some red flowers and white flowers and the wording in red and attached the wording to the cake.
  • Then I mixed some royal icing in green and piped on the leaves and then attached the flowers.

We had a giggle at the end result. My niece said the man looked like Andre Rieu who her dad adores. I told her if you would have asked me to make him I couldn’t have done it. Ha, ha!



Coolest 40th Wedding Anniversary Cake

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