Unbelievably Awesome Homemade Alice in Wonderland Cake

I started my homemade Alice in Wonderland cake by making my chocolate cake with cannoli filling YUM! Cannoli filling has to drain for a few days so it gets thick.

Then I made the bottle and teacup on this cake and letting them dry a few days after shaping so they would hold their shape. I colored the fondant for all the tiers to make sure the colors went with the scheme. I did this cake as I went, I thought about what would look good and I added it.

The hardest part was doing it as I go, I like to always have a plan or a sketch of what I’m doing but this one was whatever I wanted to do under the Alice in Wonderland theme. The hardest part was visualizing where everything would go.

The funniest part was when making the tail for the cat, I didn’t know where to end it at!

homemade alice in wonderland cake

homemade alice in wonderland cake