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Homemade Dora & Boots Birthday Cake

My granddaughter loves Dora & Boots, so for her 3rd birthday my daughter and I put this together. We are not much into cooking so just used packet cakes (4). We used a lamington tray and a large round cake tin. We cut the round cake in half for 1st step then cut a slice off the back of the other half for next step. We iced everything green and sprinkled with coloured coconut. The river was piped with lolly fruit sticks (like musk sticks) on the edge. We made the flowers using bought marzipan and experimented with food dye to get the colours, this is pretty messy but great fun. We worked for hours trying to get the perfect flower shape, eventually we discovered it was sitting right in front of us. We had a set of heart shaped cutters, using the smallest heart for the petals and a small rolled piece in a contrast colour for the centre. Silver balls finished them off perfectly. We discovered that the thinner we could get the marzipan rolled the better the flowers looked. The name was done in Marzipan as well, my daughter did these freehand with a sharp pointed blade. When we were finished it didn’t look as good as we thought it was going to, not quite finished, but then once we added the “Happy Birthday” candles it all came together very nicely.

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