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Homemade Elmo and Cookie Monster 2nd Birthday Cake

My son loved Elmo and Cookie when he was 2. I made him this Elmo and Cookie Monster 2nd birthday cake. I used a sheet pan to make the base of the cake, which I frosted white. I used Wilton’s Sports Ball Pan and made 2 half balls. To make the eyes and nose, I had to bake another cake and put it in a blender to make crumbs. I mixed frosting in with the cake crumbs and make the shapes I needed, 4 eyes and 1 nose.

Then I melted some white and orange chocolate and dipped the shapes into them and let them cool in the fridge (I actually made extras since I made a whole cake and we ate the rejected ones). I frosted the cakes blue and red with the large star tip to make it look like fur then frosted the mouths black smooth. Attached the eyes and put a mini chocolate chip cookie in Cookie Monster’s mouth with some crumbs to make it look like he’s eating it. I also had some figures from another cake I made, so I added them to the cake.

It was a big hit. My son came in and knew who they were even before I put on the eyes and nose. He loved them.

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