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Homemade Sesame Cake

The theme for my son’s 1st B’day was Sesame Street as you will see in the picture. I researched and planned for this cake for MONTHS!!!

It was a fun cake to do and it was my first time making fondant and buttercream. I got the idea from looking at hundreds of other cake images and pulling my favorite ideas from here and there.

The cake was a chocolate cake with a ganache filling (such a mistake as I will explain below).


I enjoyed making the marshmallow fondant so much, that from now on I will be making marshmallow Fondant cupcakes, cakes for all my family events and occasions. The taste was also amazing. I never expected it to be soooo good especially with all that coloring added. In my first attempt, it stuck to the mat a bit and kept tearing due to the high humidity so I just added some drops of water and used some more Crisco and it was fine.

The buttercream was delicioso!!!! Wow!!! I was so intimidated after hearing the horror stories with making buttercream but I guess I had beginners luck – mine came out awesome – perfect texture, amazing taste. The fondant and buttercream were by far my favorite things about this cake.


The cake was pretty expensive to make. I used high quality ingredients which raked in a large grocery bill.

The ganache started to melt into the buttercream when coating the cake which made it a bit messy. I had to do two coats of buttercream. It also started to leak at the base of the cake.

I also didn’t cut the dowels at the best length which made for a slight collapse on one side of the cake after I tried to reposition the upper tier.

After all was said and done, since this was my first time ever making a tiered cake and fondant, I was quite pleased. My family and friends loved it and so did my baby boy!

I hope you like it to!

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