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Horse Princess Silhouette Cake

My Daughter is a horse crazy girl! She loves everything about horses! So for her birthday she wanted a horse themed party. Although she is 12 she also wanted a not so kiddish kind of cake. I was visiting my dad when I got the Idea for this cake, he had a lamp shade that had silhouette of houses.

I started off with marbled cake chocolate and vanilla,2- 9 inch round cakes and 1- 7 inch round. After each stage Refrigerate completely! When the cake cooled I frosted it with store bought frosting. Then I covered it with fondant, made all of the flowers and butterflys. Put them into the freezer to harden and set aside until I need to put them on the cake.

I traced out some houses and cut out a stencil. I rolled out the fondant and cut out houses and put them aside to harden in the freezer. I frosted the second layer and fondanted it and put it on top of the first layer to hold it in place I used skewers (wood dowels) to hold it in place.

I then put all of the flowers, butterflies,and horses on using green store bought frosting to glue on the flowers and butterflies. I cut out a fence and stuck the horses onto the cake. I used the left over frosting to make leaves, and grass. The day of the party my 2 year old daughter took a huge hand full of the cake distroying the side of it, but I was able to fix it by using the left over fondant and frosting. I used sprinkles to spell out her name! It still turned out very well dispite the side being attacked. Here is the recipie for the Fondant:

16oz Mini Marshmallows

2 to 5 tbs. water

2lbs Icing Sugar (C&H powdered sugar)

½ cup Crisco

Melt Mellows & water, 30 sec. at a time in microwave until melted. Put ¾ powdered sugar. Grease hands really good with oil, kneed like bread. Add the rest of the sugar. Re-grease hands. (if tears add water) use or store in a Double wrap with plastic, grease plastic wrap and put into a Ziploc for storage.

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