I thought I would make a cake for Halloween. I made this Homemade Halloween Haunted Castle Cake by first making a 8 inch round sponge which I then covered with fondant. I mixed a little purple gel colour into the fondant and mixed it until it had a marble effect. I then made three Swiss rolls and cut them into different lengths to make the towers and also covered these with the marbled fondant.

I then covered three ice cream cones with the fondant for the tops of the towers. I piped a little green gel to make vines growing up the sides of the towers. I made the entrance by cutting out a piece of flowerpaste and colouring it silver with petal dust and outlining some brickwork. The spider was piped on with black gel and the ghost is a marshmallow covered with white fondant and a face drawn on in black gel. The stones were just made of the leftover fondant rolled up and placed around the base.