Coolest JoJos Circus Birthday Cakes

This cake was made for four kids sharing a birthday party. One child loved a song about the sun, one JoJos Circus and the last two love sports. We tried to get every theme on the cake so they could celebrate together.

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Cake by Paula P., Florida

JoJos Circus Cake Photo

I made this Jojos circus cake for my son’s third birthday because I couldn’t find a place that would make a JoJo cake. I purchased a large sheet cake pan and three boxes of white cake mix with the colored sprinkles inside and cooked the cake batter in the sheet cake pan. I did grease and flour the pan very well before putting the batter into the pan.

After cooling the cake I turned the cake over onto a large aluminum foil covered board. I froze the cake overnight and the next day used one of my son’s JoJo coloring books to select a simple picture of JoJo. I made markings on the cake using a fork and cut out the outline of JoJo. I made more markings using a fork to the head, eyes spots etc. Since I had never done this kind of cake before I purchased the premade tubes of cake frosting in the various colors and started making stars. I covered the top of the cake in stars and the side of the cake in lines of frosting since it was hard to get the stars to stick nicely to the sides I cut. It did take a little time to do and a lot of frosting but it wasn’t too difficult.

I still saved a bunch of money even buying the premade frosting compared to what it would cost to purchase a cake like this from the grocery store. My son loved to see how it came together and he loved the cake. Everyone who saw this Jojos circus cake couldn’t believe how nicely it turned out it either.

Cake by Kimberly R., Lehi, UT

JoJos Circus Cake Photo

We just used a funfetti cake mix (two of them to stack). We made homemade icing (white, purple, red, blue, yellow and green). Then we used black to outline Jojo’s face and eyes that we sketched from one of the birthday napkins. We did the sides in red and yellow to make it like a circus tent.

It turned out so cute and if you have never sculpted cakes before this was really easy to do!

Cake by Madeline R., Lynn, MA

JoJos Circus Cake Photo

For this JoJos Circus cake use any cake recipe, half sheet cake for the bottom and a round cake on top. We made a paper cone like shape for the tent top, put some frosting on the inside so it won’t slide off and used tons of colors for the entire cake to set the scene.

A nice paper flag topped it on top so it looks like a circus tent and the Jojo’s Circus characters hanging outside on the grass area. Everyone loved it! We have many more ideas where this came from!