Journey of a Dancer Cake

I still remember the day when my mother told me to make a birthday cake for a fifteen year old dancer who specializes in Indian classical dance.

This cake had to be special because the classical dancer was special. I could envision the dance stage and rich colors that tell the dancer’s story. Each step that the dancer is performing, is unusually clear to the eye but there is a big difference of emphasis and difference of urgency in her motion.  I had to capture that emphasis and urgency in my cake and therefore I pick red and black as the colors.

In a dance, there are single slow movements within a sequence of the dance and the spectator enjoys seeing the continuity of a choreography and the culmination of a step. Therefore I repeated the floral pattern on the cake as the border to show continuity of steps of the dancer.

Over all, the the cake reflects excitement, urgency, rapid beating of the heart. Through this cake now you are not only watching a charming dancer but you are also going through the emotions she goes through while she is showing you her dance. As I went through motions of making the cake, my focus was appeal to the eye, to the body and imagination just like the dancer who perfects every move to be appealing to the eye of the audience.

As I made the cake, I kept imaging what does it feel like to move that way. I could think bold, confident, charged with energy and through my cake, I expressed the dancer’s feelings.