My daughter turned seven and told me she wanted a Littlest Pet Shop Sea Turtle Cupcake Puzzle Cake. I admit I wasn’t sure how to create a cupcake puzzle cake. I knew it would be easier to arrange the mini cupcakes than the normal size cupcakes but I wasn’t sure how I was going to frost them. I went through and baked two batches of mini cupcakes (one yellow cake and one chocolate mixed I arranged the cupcakes half vanilla and half chocolate (per request).

The cupcakes were arranged into the shape of the Pet Shop Sea Turtle on to my cake board (a piece of masonite covered in white contact paper).  I took the buttercream frosting and mixed my colors.  I found spreading the frosting like you would a sheet cake worked best to make it look like a cake.  I piped all the details with a fine tip piping tip.

The “puzzle cupcake cake” was a HUGE hit and I have been asked by my daughter’s friends to make their birthday cakes. I will say I love the cupcake puzzles opposed to a giant cake because  people are more likely to grab cupcakes than cake, leaving you with a ton of cake.