Mater the Tow Truck Cake

Hi, making Mater was a big job because i had no idea what mater looked like so i got a cloouring book with a the biggest picture i could find and full colour so that i could get the detail as best as i could.

Then i made 3 loaf tin cakes and started cutting the shape out. once i had done this i then made chocolate fondant and started moulding the icing over the cake whioch i also covered with chocolate butter icing so that the fondant would stick to the cake.

Then the fun began once i had the shape. I made everything out of fondant, eyes,mouth,wheels hook and the crane windows grill and lights and all the other little extras.  It took a full 24 hours for all the accessories to dry so the next thing was to start putting them in place on the cake. When all of these were in place and i was happy i then used gold edible paint to add the rusty look and cocoa to add the dirt. I had the best fun making this cake and in total it took 3 days and 2 kilos of fondant. The girl which i made this for didnt even want to eat it everyone was amazed in how much it looked like MATER.