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For this Miss Spider cake I used a 9″ contour for the body and a 6″ round for the head. I iced with Royal Butter cream. I used gum paste for her Sunny Patch friends and some of her facial features. I used gum drops for her eyes and colored sugars on her stomach.

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Cake by Melanie A., Anchorage, AK

Miss Spider Cake Photo

My daughter was having a Miss Spider Birthday Party, however I could not find a Miss Spider Cake anywhere so I made it myself!

I used two regular cake mixes: for the body I used a large baking measuring cup; for the head, a small baking measuring cup and made some cupcakes to put on the side. The cakes take a little longer to bake in the measuring cups; you just have to watch them. I attached the head to the body using toothpicks and frosting.

The frosting is just white frosting with yellow food coloring. The eyes and hair are from the Miss Spider Headband that you can find at Walmart or Fredmeyer in the party favor section. I tore the eyes and hair off, stuck toothpicks in them, and stuck them where I wanted them.

The freckles are just white cupcake decorations. The legs are licorice, and the spots on her back are brown m&m’s. The mouth is a piece of red yarn. This Miss Spider cake was a big hit at the party and my daughter thought it was the “best cake ever!” The smile on her face when she saw the cake I had made her was priceless! Good Luck!

Cake by Michele C., Ronkonkoma, NY

Miss Spider Cake Photo

This Miss Spider cake was made for my nephew. He loves bounce. All it is: white cake with buttercream frosting. I looked everywhere for a Miss Spider pan but couldn’t find one. So I copied the picture from the party napkins.

Cake by Rosalie C., Rialto, CA

Miss Spider Cake Photo

This is a three-layered cake I made for my niece’s first b-day. She was having a Miss Spider Party. I used green and blue whip cream to frost the cakes. I made the flowers by using assorted lengths of spaghetti that I dyed with green food coloring. When dried I attached sugar flowers.

With royal icing I made Miss Spider, kids and webs. For the ladybug on top I used a hostess snowball air-brushed red. And a chocolate hostess cup cake trimmed down and refrosted with chocolate frosting. Decorating the cakes will go a lot faster if you pre-make all the flowers and bugs ahead of time. I made them a week before.

Cake by Mary D., RAF Lakenheath, England

Miss Spider Cake Photo

I made this Miss Spider cake for a friend’s daughter. I searched the web for ideas. I made Miss Spider and her friends with fondant, that I had made different colors. It turned out great and Ally loved it!

Cake by Sharon S., Max Meadows, VA

Miss Spider Cake Photo

My son wanted a “Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch” birthday. As of this write-up, there is nothing out there with regards to party favors, party supplies, etc. with the Miss Spider theme, so I was on my own.

We decided to use a theme called “Bugs Everywhere” for the tablecloth, blow outs, napkins, and hanging decorations. I didn’t bother with matching plates as I have a great set of opaque white plastic plates that are re-usable and look great. Especially since if don’t put a placemat under them you can see the tablecloth below (or whatever picture you’d like to put under it).

I purchased plastic ants and other plastic insects to put on each child’s plate, on the table, and in some plants in our party area.

For the cake, I had to look at a book to get some ideas as to what to do. In looking at the pictures, trying to get an idea, I thought fondant would do it just right. I had never used it before, but figured I could do it.

Miss Spider Cake Photo

I drew a picture of Miss Spider (not hard), transferred it to waxed paper, and cut out the parts. Then I started with the Miss Spider body and colored some fondant orange. I put the pieces to be orange on the fondant and cut them out, then placed them where I wanted on the cake. Then I did the same with the other colors (red – hair, black – eyelashes, pupils, green – eye color, light blue – freckles).

The only problem I ran into with the cake was that the fondant directions said to roll out on lightly powdered sugar surface. This was easily fixed, though. Make sure you brush the powdered sugar off the back before you put the pieces together so the fondant will stick. Also, if any powdered sugar is on the top, lightly wipe it off.

Oh, before I forget, I iced the cake white and then used a blue icing spray to get a little variation in color before I started building Miss Spider on it. I am in no way a professional cake decorator or an artist. I simply enjoy doing our 3 son’s birthday cakes and have been doing them since our 1st was born almost 8 years ago.

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