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Coolest Miss Spider Birthday Cake

I was asked to create a Miss Spider birthday cake, from Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Friends, for a five-year old girl. I used several online images for my inspiration. The birthday girl requested strawberry cake. The base is a 9×13 sheet pan, decorated with buttercream icing, tinted green. Green sparkle sprinkles were added to the grass.

I used pre-made fondant, with flower cut outs, for the attached decorations. I used a grass tip to pipe out the border and added flower sprinkles for accents.

Miss Spider was created with one side of a Sports Ball pan, also in strawberry cake. Her head was molded from krispie treats. I attached her head to the body with toothpicks. Her body was covered with buttercream icing, tinted yellow. Chocolate candies were placed on her back. Pre-made fondant was used for her hat, eyes, nose and mouth. Blue icing gel was used for her freckles and white icing gel was used for the highlights on her eyes. Black fuzzy pipe cleaners were cut in half and used for her legs.

Everyone enjoyed the cake – it was a lot of fun to create!


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