Naughty Homemade Corset Cupcakes

Hello cakers,

My girlfriend was having a girl’s night only! She asked if I could make boob cup cakes! Yes you read correctly! Lol ah, pause I said what kind of boobs did you have in mind I asked her! The theme of her party was selling underwear and adult things! So anything could go! Yikes! Lol, I am not crude but I am not a prude either, so I came up with these boobs and bottoms cup cakes.

Here is what you need:

donut holes, cake mix, follow the label for directions and cooking time, frosting, fondant you choose the colors, an eight inch circle cutter and a boning tool eight inch heart cutter.

Once your cup cakes have cooled lightly crumb coat the cup cake. Take your donut hole cut in half,  frost the donut holes. Use your circle cutter and cut the skin tone you want. Cover the donut holes and top of cup cake with your fondant. Take your boning tool or the back of a pen and out line the donut holes! Now you have the out lines of your boobs or bottoms!

Next take whatever color fondant you want take your heart cutter and cut out your bustier. Make as low has you want, save the top that looks like a mustache and use it for your g string under wear. When placing your boostier on take your boning tool and out line remember the more you outline the better your end result. Decorate each piece with what you want. These cup cakes are sure to be the talk of your party!