Coolest Basque Cake for my Husband’s Birthday

My husband’s birthday was the 1st January. He was 51. I love making cakes and really wanted to make something different. I thought a basque cake, not something too sexy but pretty. I started by baking a cake 9″ x 13″ but I only baked one half as he only wanted a small cake so I decided to cut the cake in half and sandwich the two together. I also baked a couple of cup cake for the boobs.

When the cake was cold I sandwiched them together with jam and butter cream and before covering the cake with butter cream I cut some shape into the cake by shaping the waist. I then shaped the cup cakes and sandwiched these onto the cake where the boobs were to go. I then covered the whole cake in butter cream and placed in the freezer to chill.

Meanwhile I colored some icing in a flesh color and colored some in a bright blue for the basque. The cake was now ready to ice. I started with the flesh color  I colored the top half of the cake and over the boobs with this and smoothed the icing. I rolled out the blue icing and when it was big enough to cover the cake I placed an embossing mat I purchased on line onto the icing and gently rolled over it with a rolling pin for the pattern. I gently placed this over the cake making sure I didn’t mess the pattern up and cut off any excess icing. I then used a crimping tool to make the under wired and the boning on the basque then randomly I pressed little white edible pearls into the pattern.

For the frill along the top I used white flower icing and a garret friller and used a cocktail stick to make the frill thinner and I gently puckered this along the top edge of the basque attaching with a little water. I then rolled out some white icing and attached a long strip to tidy up the edge. All I needed  to do now was pipe ice the lace and place some blue edible balls on the lace for decoration.

I covered the board with some white roll out icing and then piped a message on the board. The cake was now finished. He loved it and I was so proud of myself for making it.