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Old-Fashioned Tomato Pin Cushion Birthday Cake

This old-fashioned Tomato Pin Cushion birthday cake was for a friend turning 40 with a passion and talent for sewing. She asked me to make her a fantasy cake, and I knew it had to have a sewing theme, so I decided on a traditional tomato pin cushion, an icon in the sewing community. I made 2 Bundt cakes, reserving enough batter to bake 2 cupcakes to fill the holes.

I “glued” the 2 cakes together with some frosting and plugged the top and bottom holes with the cupcakes before frosting. The frosting is butter cream with Wilton “no-taste” red, and green frosting for the leaf and piping. Drawing a leaf template on a piece of parchment, I made the leaf and let it set in the fridge before flipping it over onto the cake. The pins are toothpicks dipped in melted chocolate with a ball of fondant at the top. The spools are marshmallows wrapped in fruit roll-ups, stuck between 2 Oreo wafers with a bit of frosting.

Lots of steps, but pretty simple to make and everyone was so impressed!