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Coolest Singer Sewing Machine Cake

My brother and I worked together on this cake for my grandmother’s 80th birthday. She had used an old singer sewing machine for close to 50 years before it finally wore out. We did our best to recreate her little sewing desk as best we remembered it.

We wanted the cake to be entirely edible. Knowing that we couldn’t get a cake to stand up and support it’s weight in the shape of the sewing machine, we opted to use rice krispy treats to shape the body of the machine. To add structural integrity to the rice krispies, we then coated the sewing machine with melted almond bark to make it more solid. I did use a couple of dowel rods down the center to help with support.

The entire cake (both the machine and base) were then covered with marshmallow fondant. All of the embellishments are made from marshmallow fondant as well. The lettering was painted on using silver luster dust. The pin cushion was a cupcake.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Singer Sewing Machine Cake”

  1. This is the best cake I have ever seen! WOW! Very professional! It’s really beautiful! I have decorated many beautiful cakes over the years, but nothing like this one! Great job!

  2. Beautiful job! Because I do decorating cake I know that this one involve a lot of job and love. I will like to do something similar but never work with krispy cereal before. Could you send me some instruction about. Thanks.

  3. I am just in awe of your terrific sewing machine cake!!! I would never have thought of doing this and I have been doing cakes for a long time. You did a wonderful job! Great talent and imagination!

  4. I just love this,This gives me an idea.I have been looking for some idea to make my sister a birthday cake of an sewing machine.That has been her job for about 35 years.you did a beautiful job.

  5. I’m overwhelmed by thelook of this cake. I wanted to make one for my daughter but I don’t have your skills ! Keep up the good work !!

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