Coolest Oogie Boogie Cake Ideas and Photos

Take a look at the coolest Oogie Boogie cake photos. You’ll also find loads of homemade cake ideas and DIY birthday cake inspiration.

Cake by Nancy N., Morro Bay, CA

Coolest Oogie Boogie Cake Ideas and Photos

My three year old daughter was in the musical “Nightmare before Xmas” and fell in love with all the characters especially Oogie-Boogie and wanted an Oogie Boogie cake for her birthday.

I looked at a picture of Oogie Boogie on the internet and cut it out to fit the cookie sheet I used. Then I made one chocolate box cake and baked it in a big cookie sheet. Froze the cake for a couple hours and then put the paper I cut out on top of the cake and cut the shape. I made green frosting and got gummy worms to go on it. At the bottom I dug a slight trench so the worms looked like they were coming out of the character.

This was only to be shown privately but everyone that came to the party thought I purchased it at some bakery and wondered which bakery I got it from. I didn’t have very good black tube outline frosting. A softer one would come out better.