Coolest Oogie Boogie Cake

I made this Oogie Boogie cake for my son’s 6th birthday. It was by far the easiest cake I ever made.

Just make a round cake. I made a sponge cake, but you can use any cake you like. I chopped up strawberries into tiny pieces and mixed them with whipped cream, which I used as filling.

I made a drawing of the Oogie Boogie man on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. I mixed powdered sugar with water, just start with a bit of water and add more water if necessary, you really don’t need much water. When it was the right thickness I added a bit of orange food colouring and I covered the cake with the orange icing.

When the icing started to harden, but still was a bit wet I put the cut out picture on the cake and sprinkled cacao powder on the cake. I carefully removed the cardboard, put candles on the cake and that was it.

When this picture was taken there were some dark spots in the cacao powder, but by the time I served the cake the entire picture had turned dark.

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