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Cake by Brandy F., Bartlett,TN

Coolest Pacman Cake Ideas and Photos

My daughter wanted a Pacman cake for her 11th birthday and I figured it would be easy enough so I gave it a try and I think it turned out well. I used a single layer 10in round for Pacman and cut out a slice for the mouth. I used pre-colored yellow fondant to give it a nice smooth appearance. The eye is also fondant.

For the ghost I used an 11×15 sheet pan. I hand drew the ghost on paper then used it as a template to cut the cake. (You could also use a printed design from the internet but it was simple enough). It is iced with pink buttercream icing. The white part of the eye is piped and the black part is fondant. The mouth is also fondant that was rolled like a rope then zigzagged. I piped some white dots on both cakes for the Pac pellets.

Looking back I probably should have used the blue foil or another dark color on the ghost cake so the Pac pellets showed up better like with Pacman.

Cake by Charlotte S., Georgetown, TX

Pacman Cake Photo

Because I live in Texas and my grandson Toby lives in Illinois I made his birthday cake from cake mixes and canned icing but he was just as happy as if I had made it from scratch because he got to help. A 9in round pan was used for this Pacman cake. A wedge was removed for the mouth and used to make a small round dot for Pac Man to gobble up. The rest was pretty simple as you can see from the picture. Iced the cake with a spatula and used a plain writing tip to make the zigzag border around the bottom and the writing in red and the black eye and borders around the top of the cake and dot. Didn’t have to carry too many items on the plane and we had a ball working together.

Cake by Carey F., Langley, BC

Pacman Cake Photo

My 4 year old son wanted a Pacman cake! It was fairly easy. I used an 8″ round cake pan and made 2 layers. I didn’t trim off the top to have a flat surface as I wanted it a bit rounded on top for Pacman’s shape.

I cut a triangle piece out for the mouth and iced the cake in yellow and the opening of the mouth black. I used a stencil for the eye of a small Pacman shape backwards and traced with a toothpick before I iced in with black icing. Then I used the mini ball pan for the pac-dots. I had to put a bit of icing on the bottom of the pac-dots before icing them so they would stick in place better when I iced them.

Pacman Cake Photo